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About us

EVA Company Limited and EVA Trading Company Limited have been established since in 1997.EVA Company Limited manufactures the construction materials such as Pre-painted Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets,C-Channels and Decking Sheets using modernized machineries under skill technicians.Roofing sheets are available in a variety of designs(profiles),colors and thicknesses, and offering customers’ specific customized length and quantity.Moreover we produce the collaboration of Pre-painted Alu-Zinc and Oriented Poly Propylene(OPP) in a range of various colors and length. C-Channels, manufactured with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel , which can also be adjusted upon customer’s request . Cold-Rolled Galvanized Decking Sheets that are able to be customized to meet customers’ requirements and other accessories are also provide as a one-stop service.

EVA Steel Co.,Ltd has been expanded in 2016, using new technologies to produce screwless roof styles such as Klip Lok , Seam Lok and other new products including OMEGA, Wallpanel and Z-Channels. Introducing the Enduroframe (Light Weight Steel Structure), our leading engineers are able to design spectacular houses that meet international standards with easy and fast installation. To further increase customers access to our products, we have expanded our services from the main factory to (5) additional outlets.

Our Mission in EVA Co.,Ltd is to provide our customer with excellent quality product, satisfactory price and outstanding services.Through the implementation of a quality management system, our goal is to refine the skills of our employees to see improvements in our products and services.

Our vision in EVA Co.,Ltd is to provide our products and services to future infrastructures and building projects, that would bring significant advancements to our country.


With increasing numbers expected to come during the following years, EVA has currently employed around 150 employees of varying skills.We have created a productive working environment in both the offices and the factory to ensure a sense of hardwork and dedication. To further uplift employee productivity and satisfaction our management team will always be available to provide help and support. We strive to work as a whole rather than as individuals, under the belief of trust and positivity.Granted, with employees loyal to EVA for as long as 20 years, our faith in our workforce grows stronger everyday.